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Comprehensive site management


Site Management by qualified industry experts with years of experience behind them to make sure that the final result of the project is up to the highest level of quality standards.

The highly skilled and talented staff at Levo explicitly and meticulously monitor the progress of the projects on a regular basis to ensure the quality and longevity of the end result. All construction works are monitored continuously by cameras which provide attention and guidance on the progress of your project daily. Our qualified officers in consult will be at the construction site throughout the construction process- from the initial stage up to the finishing stage.

Customized plan

If you are building your house with Levo, the plan will be completely tailored to your requirements.

3D design

We offer 3D design and cost planning for every project before starting the construction journey.

Drawing service

We provide all construction-related drawings to the worksite, carried out by qualified staff at Levo.

Built for generations


Quality construction projects performed by experienced staff combining high standard raw materials with cutting-edge technology

We believe that the key factors in standardized construction projects are the quality of the raw materials and the skills of the workers. LEVO DESIGN will never hand over the construction of your houses to the sub-contractors, All the tasks will be done under our expert supervision because we consider that we are the party who is more responsible for your invaluable home. With the right professional service by our Chartered Engineers, your home life expectancy will be better confirmed and eliminate life risk!

Qualified staff

The project manager is a chartered civil engineer and a chartered architect will be assigned as the project architect.

Continuous monitoring

Our qualified officers will be present at the construction site during the entire construction process.


We offer a 25-year structural warranty and 12 months defects liability period for all our construction projects.