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For the right look of your home

architectural design

All the architectural designs are handled and carried out by our charted architects. Our Vaastu interpretations are done only by Vaastu experts while the structural plans are developed by only the Chartered Engineers.

Home is where you belong and you should not allow anyone to build your dream home according to their aspirations. The unqualified construction firms in the market today perform cheaper projects that waste the time and hard-earned money of the clients. You will never feel the “homely feeling” at such a house that is built without incorporating architectural concepts that are unique to you.

Vaastu Sastra is a special and significant concept that cannot be neglected when you are building your home. Depending on the morphology, shape and size of the land, our architects create the best suite of different house plans for our valuable clients by provoking their ambitions and thinking in significant ways especially making creative spaces that boost up their cognitive skills. At Levo, Vaastu sastra is handled properly under highly skilled and expert supervision and we prepare customized plans which are highly desirable and identical to your requirements.

Architecture & engineer service

A charted architect and a charted engineer will arrive at your home construction site for supervision.

2D design

We provide a unique, up-to-date 2D plan blended with our knowledge, specially created for your requirements.

3D design

A 3D design will be provided to enable you to visualize your home before it is being constructed.

Creative & stunning solutions

interior design

We deliver Interior design solutions curated by chartered home designers to bring the perfect aesthetic look to your entire home. Enjoy life at its peak within a modernistic and sophisticated living space.

When it comes to home construction not only managing the space within the front and backyard of your home is important. Home is the reflection of your lifestyle. The proper interior design with an eye to every aspect of your home is also momentous to create your own space. That is why we place greater attention on the interior décor of your home and turning the vision you have in your mind into reality!

Our experienced and qualified industry professionals are able to transform your ordinary space into an extraordinary home that reflects opulence at its best. Our creative designers will give life to your ideas, creating a personalized space that elevates the ambiance of your home. From tasteful furniture, wall colours, decorations, lighting, ornaments to fabrics, we will make everything right just the way you want, giving you complete peace of mind throughout the process. Let’s start recreating your dream!

Architecture & designer service

Visit of a chartered home designer and a charted architect to the construction site during the construction stage.

3D design

A 3D design will be provided to enable you to visualize how interior design will be done before your house is built.

Personalized concepts

Selection of the colours, furniture, décor items will be done by our home designers to best fit your ideas.